Dr. Gautam Saha, MD, Psychiatry (Calcutta University) is one of the best Psychiatrist in Kolkata. He is the Founder and Director of CLINIC BRAIN, a Research Institute of Neuro-Psychiatric discipline, at Barasat in kolkata. He specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health disorders, including substance abuse disorders. Psychotherapy. The goal of Gautam Saha, the best Psychiatrist in Kolkata is to eliminate or control disabling or troubling symptoms so that the patient can function better. Depending on the extent of the problem, best psychiatrist treatment may take just a few sessions over a week or two or may take many sessions over a period of years.

Dr. Saha is a very keen advisor / consultant in the science of neuro – psychiatry. He holds a special place in the world of mental treatment by virtue of being decorated with successes in different fields of specialization. He got national scholarship for his brilliant result in Madhyamik. He did his MBBS from North Bengal University and stood first in MD examination from Calcutta University. After being nominated life members of Indian Medical Association and St. John’s Ambulance, Dr. Saha has entered an amazing and exceptional professional career. To win friends in life is his passion. He was selected for different international conferences / seminars. As the founder of “Clinic Brain” at Barasat, his exceptionally well equipped mental clinic, he wanted to give the society a complete and comprehensive mental health care facility.

  • Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist, Clinic Brain Neuropsychiatric Institute and Research Centre, Kolkata, India
  • President of SAARC Psychiatric Federation (SPF) (2021-23)
  • President of Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health (IAGMH) (2022-24)
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh ( 2021) 
  • Ex-President of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) (2021-22) 
  • Member of World Psychiatric Association Standing Committee, Scientific Section. (2020-2023)
  • Member of Advisory Committee on Response to Emergencies (ACRE), World Psychiatric Association.
  • American Psychiatric Association – International Member , March 2007 
  • American Psychiatric Association – International Fellow – 2016 
  • World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry – Member 2006 
  • Editor – Indian Journal of Private Psychiatry ( 2017-2020)


  • Fellow Member, IPS – Since 2001
  • Fellow Member, IAPP – Since 2005
  • Fellow Member, IASP – Since 2017
  • Fellow Member, IABP – Since 2014
  • Fellow Member, APA – Since 2017
  • Fellow of Royal College of Physicians , Edin  2021
  • Life Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA). – Since 1990
  • Life Member of St. John Ambulance. – Since 1983
  • Paul Harris Fellow of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International –  Since 2010


  • Focuses on both bio-medical aspects and  psychosocial therapeutic models
  • Conducting public awareness programs ( Organizing annual  World Mental Health Week),
  • Regular free mental health camps for peoples living in remote rural areas (like interior of Sundarbans, Mangrove forest). 
  • Research projects in various clinical areas from contemporary neuromodulator mechanisms to role of Spirituality and Yoga in mental well- being , advanced  neuropsychiatric methods, emergency services in disaster relief (like Covid pandemic), dementia and  addictions.
  • Radical in-house diagnostics facilities like rTMS, Bio-feedback